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Young Executives Young Entrepreneurs - Lexis Bill

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Tune your radio to Hitz 103.9FM every morning from 6am to 10 am, Mondays to Fridays and get the opportunity and an escape from all the political talk on Accra’s morning radio and to be serenaded with a beautiful blend of music genres and little talk, beautifully served by Louis Sakyiamah, better known as Lexis Bill.

The husky baritone-voiced young man in his late 20’s has been in radio for well over eight years, starting off from campus based Focus Fm at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where he got admission to read a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography and Sociology, then to Kapital Radio and Radio Xtacy, both in Kumasi. From there, he migrated to Accra upon a recommendation and joined the family at Hitz FM, first as the host of one of their weekend programs. He eventually got the opportunity to host the morning show, Daybreak Hitz and has been hosting it since then. He has succeeded in wrestling for listeners in Accra with other great morning show hosts such as Kojo Oppong Nkrumah of Joy Fm and Kwami Sefa Kayi of Peace Fm.

The show Lexis presents is a potpourri of different genres of music with little talk. He has a segment that talks about relationship issues and his listeners send in their issues via email. They are read out and listeners are encouraged to call in or send their thoughts via social media sites. He is arguably the only radio morning show host who responds to all tweets directly even while on air. Sometimes he reads some out and takes some off Facebook as well. This sort of endearment I believe has made his popularity gone up. Social Media has proven to be a powerful media tool. Lexis knows this and has gotten even closer to his audience.

A big brother to male and female siblings born by his parents, Lexis started off his education at the PRESEC Staff Primary School. Legos, Nintendo Game Boys and Play Stations were quiet unfamiliar to him so he indulged in, and enjoyed “Alikoto”, "Chaskele" and “Kpitinge” He went on to the St. Andrews JSS and then to Legon Presbyterian Boys Secondary School, Legon PRESEC for his Senior High School Education. He is a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and a Fellow of University Hall, Katanga.

In any way possible, Lexis loves what he is doing now. He loves that he is able to brighten people’s days with the help of his very able production team. Yet, he always wanted to be a Doctor when he was a child because his father drummed that idea into his head. He however veered off along the way and has never regretted it. He developed a passion for radio instead and has done well to reach out to people through the microphone and airwaves. That reaching out is what keeps him motivated. This path taken seems to be paying off as he has been nominated in the 'Best Radio Morning Show Host' category at the 2012 Radio and Television Personality Awards. He hopes to eventually have his own syndicated radio program in Ghana and across Africa.

Generally, Lexis Bill is a sociable person who succeeds in drawing people close to him yet he enjoys solitude. He jokes a lot on the show and in person that it will not surprise a lot of people if he turns to comedy along the way. He is a profound 'Master of Ceremonies' for the few programs I've seen him emcee. He appears on a number of TV shows including 'The Pundits' on GhOne TV and exhibits what intellectual he is and as well what a lover of 'suits' he is. The young well-built man is almost always dressed in a formal suit or has a blazer to adorn his looks.

Asked about his thoughts concerning people’s perception of him, he said “I wouldn't be so sure but  I'm more concerned about my character because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are. They could be wrong about their thoughts of me.”
Last Christmas, Lexis went on a campaign to solicit for food and other items. His friends and listeners heeded to his call and supported him. With all received donations, he feasted the children at the Point Hope Charity in Buduburam. He smiles when others smile. 

Sometimes people think other people’s jobs are easy and thus underestimate certain things. About his job, Louis says it is very involving and draws out a lot of emotions. For instance even when he is having personal issues, he still has to try as much as he can to sound happy. Yet, all in all, it is a fun thing for him.  He always signs off his show with the quote “when you were born, you were crying and everybody was smiling. Live your life such that when you die, you'd be smiling and everybody would be crying.”


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  3. This is a great blog,I read it over and over again. Good work Akosua Sakyiwaa Mensah

  4. Sakyiwaa...this is as usual very apt and interesting write up. Kudos.

    Lexis is a personal friend and you have represented what i have come to know of him. Wonderful personality and a man set for higher heights.

  5. Lexis Bill is indeed the man....my mornings are never done without listening to him. Love him to bits.

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