Monday, September 10, 2012

Hair At Kenzo's' Got Me Talking!

Driving through Cantonments, I had been seeing this salon whose outlook just made me decide that someday, I would like to walk in there to have a feel of what they offer. Kenzo’s Place, a new salon, spa and barbering shop located off the Ghana International School Road had been on my mind and the moment I stepped in, the experience I came out with made me itchy enough to want to write and tell you all about the experience I got.

The Attendants in the salon were friendly and helpful. Hair and its fixing is a somewhat personal affair and since a wrong hair treatment might be difficult to be undone, thereby causing a lot of embarrassment, I am one of those who happen to give some little trouble when it comes to my hair and it getting fixed. I went in for a wash and braids but none of that happened until I was done with my cup of tea which they had offered, along with other drinks and for which I had opted for.

The salon is serene, very neat with a beautifully arranged interior. The equipment in there is state of the art and I must add that the space has been used very well. It feels spacious, despite the big comfortable sofas. While one of the Stylists was blow drying my hair and getting it ready for the braids, my wig had already been taken care of by her colleagues. I did not have to wait unnecessarily and that to me was a plus. They got to braiding, and throughout my stay in the salon, I just loved what I was getting. There were some other clients in there; one was fixing her nails while another was in the dryer. A new client, who had just walked in and had actually booked her appointment via the phone was immediately welcomed, offered a drink and taken to the massage parlor. Instantly I knew my next visit was going to be for a massage. Kenzo’s is actually a full fledged salon which offers all beauty treatments you can think of for various functions including a full bridal package.

Back to my hair and to the attendants who were fixing it, though I was looking at their activities on my hair in the mirror, one kept asking if I was okay and that if it is too tight, I should please inform them. Her courteousness was comforting and indeed they were braiding it coolly enough so I just relaxed and enjoyed what I was being served with.  Conversations between the attendants were low pitched and it did not interrupt the highlife tunes that were playing subtly in there. 

Honestly, I appreciate what Kenzo’s Place did for me. I appreciate that I got a worthwhile experience to take home with me. And aside it all, the prices are not outrageous. Later when I was done with my hair, I asked that I would want to have a look at the barbering salon. One of the attendants led me and, if the interior of the beauty salon looked comfortable enough, I just should have automatically thought that the barbering salon will not be anything less. All seats in there were filled with men who were having their hair trimmed while some two were waiting. Trust men to always have a unified conversation where football is concerned! Both attendants and clients were engrossed in their commentary of a previous night’s football match and the whole atmosphere felt like a place where the clients were loving the time they were spending in there.

With such a carefully planned salon and barber’s shop, I know for certain that they will be getting new clients from my side. I am hopeful that the first of such clients will be you reading this. Go on and try their services and see if you would not want to share your experience!    


  1. Great piece... I've been going to Kenzo's since (day 1 I guess?)... and you're absolutely right... Being a male, I'm unnaturally fussy about my hair and where I get it cut, but the treatment/attention i got at Kenzo's had me reduce my 4 week haircut appointments to 2 weeks... lol

  2. Sakyiwaa you know how u introduce me there and its become my official hair cut joint, they keep stepping up their game every time, i was there somewhere december to have my haircut and the shampooing of my hair plus some good massage around my neck line was jux sumfin else, it felt like i had gone for a full massage. Thank you once again

  3. Hahaha. Good to know you were treated well. Maybe, someday, we will meet at the Salon. :-)